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“Together WE Will!”

My name is Daniel O’Donnell, I’m a resident of Vista, where I currently serve as the Vice President of the Democratic Club of Vista.

We have all been given an opportunity to stand up and be a voice for those who feel as though they don’t have one, but for too long we have let down the very people that help prop us up. I’ve dedicated my education to governing and have been working on campaigns since I moved to San Diego in 2011.

I’m running, because I believe in the equality of a democracy where everyone is included. I’ve worked with small businesses the last two years and have seen the direct impact this pandemic has taken on them and the communities they serve. I am running because for the last 10 years I have worked with those who want genuine progress for the people who need it most, and I have seen firsthand what it takes to be a leader in our community.

Today is the day and now is that time.

I will take my life experience, coupled with the work that I have done, and help bring meaningful direction to our party and to the communities we serve.

I am honored to be running alongside such an amazing group of people and by electing me and the other members of The People’s Slate, you will be electing Progress, Climate/Environmental Action, Equality, Experience, Racial and Social Justice, and the fundamental belief that we are all in this together.

Daniel moved to San Diego in 2011 where his passions for community involvement and change were reignited. In 2012 he began working to help re-elect President Obama and help elect Scott Peters to 52nd Congressional District. In 2013 he worked as a Volunteer Coordinator for David Alvarez during his bid for Mayor of San Diego. Later that year he accepted a Fellowship with The San Diego LGBT Community Center and their Young Professional Counsel, which is designed to educate and engage future community leaders in the LGBTQ community and the allies that support them.

Dan is currently the Vice-President of the Vista Democratic Club and has been an active member with many different clubs including the San Diego Young Democrats, North County Young Democrats, Vista Democratic Club, Rancho Santa Fe Democratic Club, DEMCCO, Oceanside Democratic Club, Encinitas Democratic Club and Escondido Young Democratic Club. In 2018 he worked to get voters engaged for the down ballot races by knocking on doors to help educate citizens about those issues and to help elect Governor Newsom. In 2019 he took part in the Vista Leadership Academy, where he received an up close look at how the city functions, while gaining experience on the inner working of our communities. In 2020 he knocked doors and made phone calls for candidates all across our district.

Daniel’s goal on ADEM is to hold our elected officials accountable, to strengthen the base of the Democratic Party through strong voter engagement, beginning with the future voters in our community. He understands that we need to elect leaders that want to create legitimate transit options, instead of building on top of our congested roads. Leaders that are willing create programs that will help and house our homeless population. Individuals that will work with the county, state, and federal government to find affordable and free healthcare options for all of our citizens, especially those who can’t afford insurance. Daniel believes in finding green energy solutions so that we can protect our communities, coastline and state parks for future generations. Most importantly, he wants provide a seat for everyone at our table, so that we can all prosper here in the 76th Assembly District and beyond.

Daniel understands working class people, because he comes from a working class family.

Join us, and show your support, by requesting your ballot and casting your vote for and Daniel O’Donnell and The People’s Slate to represent you as ADEM Delegates on in the 76th Assembly District.

Register for your ballot here: https://ademelections.com/?isCandidate=False

“Together WE will!”